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  • Bi-election result

    The votes have been tallied and your Fall 2015 VPO will be Simon Huang, and your Spring 2015 VPI will be Gloria Huang!


Bi-election result

The votes have been tallied and your Fall 2015 VPO will be Simon Huang, and your Spring 2015 VPI will be Gloria Huang!

Posted : 2015-04-06


Vote now on who will be your future VPO and VPI today!

Posted : 2015-04-01

General Meeting Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the MathSoc General Meeting. It will be in the Comfy at 5pm on March 24th, 2015.

The agenda is:
Presentation on Waterloo Works
Executive Updates
Comfy Renovation Update
Review MathSoc Fee Reduction
Amendment to bylaw section IV.1: Membership Fee
Clarifications of Executive and Executive Board portfolios
Change VP Events role to VP Internal
Providing refreshments at Council Meetings
Amendment to bylaw section VI.4: Renumeration of Executives
Remove Executive Evaluation Committee and reduce renumeration to $75
Committee Appointments (Executive Evaluation Committee)
Increasing Engagement Within MathSoc General Meetings

Posted : 2015-03-23

Want to be more involved?

Elections for positions in the Spring and Fall 2015 terms are up. These nomination forms are due in by 4:00pm on March 27th, so pick one up from the MathSoc office and get them signed!

Posted : 2015-03-20

VPO Election Results

The results of the VPO election have been compiled, and your next term's MathSoc VPO is Louise Liu!

Posted : 2015-02-05

VPO S15 elections open!

Elections are now open for Spring 2015 Vice President, Operations! You can vote here: http://auth.mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca/Elections/Vote Voting ends at 11:59pm tomorrow, so get your votes in quickly.

Posted : 2015-02-03

Teaching award nominations due soon!

Do you know a distinguished teacher or an excellent TA? Here’s your chance to recognize them through the Distinguished Teacher Award (DTA) or Award for Exceptional Teaching by a student (AETS)! Nominations for the DTA are due this Friday, February 6, 2015. For further information, visit: https://uwaterloo.ca/centre-for-teaching-excellence/awards/dta Nominations for AETS are due on Friday, February 13, 2015. For further information, visit: https://uwaterloo.ca/centre-for-teaching-excellence/chakma

Posted : 2015-02-03

Act Sci Rep Winners

The results have been tallied and the winners of the election for Winter 2015 Actuarial Science Representatives are Isabel Ji and Siddharth Asokan!

Posted : 2015-01-27

Elections for Actuarial Science Representative are Open!

The elections for Actuarial Science Representative for the Winter 2015 term are now open! They will end at 11:59pm tomorrow, so hurry and cast your vote!

Posted : 2015-01-21

Lockers completely booked

All lockers have been completely booked for the term, meaning that no more are available until the Spring 2015 term.

Posted : 2015-01-19

Nominations have been reopened

Nominations for unacclaimed council and executive positions have been reopened! Bring by a completed form to the MathSoc office (they are found right outside) to nominate yourself.

Posted : 2015-01-15

Lockers are now available!

Lockers are now available! To book one, just click the "Lockers" button above and book it! For those who had a locker with items in it when they were cleared out, come by the MathSoc office to pick up your items. They will be thrown out by the end of Monday, January 19th, 2015.

Posted : 2015-01-12

Lockers will be open January 12th

Lockers will be available starting at 10:00am for Math Students on January 12th. You can sign up for a locker by just hitting the black Lockers button and following the directions.

Posted : 2015-01-06

Elections and Volunteer Postitions are now available

There are quite a wide range of volunteer and elected positions available this term! You can sign up to be a volunteer by going to Forms->Volunteer Application Form. To nominate yourself for an elected position, you can bring a filled out nomination form (found outside MathSoc Office) to the MathSoc office by January 14th, at 4:00pm

Posted : 2015-01-06

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