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    Lockers are available to sign-up at http://auth.mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca/Services/Lockers next Monday, Jan 9 at noon!


Lockers Signup

Lockers are available to sign-up at http://auth.mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca/Services/Lockers next Monday, Jan 9 at noon!

Posted : 2017-01-06

Lockers Unavailable Until Next Week

Lockers are unavailable the first week of classes as we are clearing items from last term and resetting combinations. Check Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on when sign-ups are open. If you have a locker from last term, please clear your items out! Thank you!

Posted : 2017-01-04

MEF Fall Board Meeting

The MEF Fall 2016 Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 7:00PM in MC3012A. MEF will be discussing outstanding issues, funding approvals, and potential changes for the fund and its administration. If you have any concerns or would like to suggest an addition to the meeting agenda, please contact mefcom@uwaterloo.ca.

Posted : 2016-12-08


Need a calculator for the exams? Buy a faculty approved calculator in our mathsoc office! Need your calculator to be approved? Get a pink tie sticker at the MUO (MC 4022)!

Posted : 2016-12-08

Ticket update

Charity Ball prices have been reduced! Please buy your tickets fast we have a limited number of tables :) If you have bought your ticket already, please go to the mathsoc office to get a refund.

Posted : 2016-11-28

Charity Ball

This term, the theme is Happily Ever After and will be hosted at University Club!

  1. Performance by Waterloo Boys: 6PM
  2. Ticket prices: $25 for single $45 for a couple $160 for a table of 8 people
  3. (Including formal dinner buffet, dance, auctions, live performance)
  4. Dance and auction only: $10
  5. Ticket at the door is +5$
  6. Buy your tickets at MathSoc office or online at http://charity-ball2016.ticketfi.com/

Come by one of the most fun events of the fall term that you definitely don’t want to miss! On December 2nd, we are planning to host our 19th annual Charity Ball event. This year’s Charity Ball features a banquet dinner, a dance, a live performance from the Waterboys, as well as live and silent auctions with the proceeds going to the Send’em Off Smiling, a registered charity which aims on setting local children in need on a more hopeful path. We need your help in providing these children with school clothing and supplies, so they will go off smiling on that first day of school each September in Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Posted : 2016-11-20

General Meeting NEXT MONDAY

Fall 2016 General Meeting will take place in MC Comfy on November 21st at 5PM.

Tentative Agenda:

  1. 1. Reports: President, VPA, VPI, VPO, VPF
  2. 2. Presentation of the Society’s Financials
  3. 3. Presentation of the CnD’s Financials
  4. 4. Presentation of MEF Director
  5. 5. CRO Report of Council Seats Allocation for 2017
  6. 6. Bylaw Updates: First Year ELAS Council Seat for Winter terms
  7. 7. Memorandum of Understanding Changes: Math Orientation and MathNEWS
  8. 8. Discussion: Business Manager, 3rd Floor Renovation, MathSoc Priorities for 2017
If you cannot make it, you can fill out a proxy form, which will be online and outside MathSoc Office.

Agenda: http://tinyurl.com/MathSocGMF16

Free food will be provided at the council meeting for those who stay for the majority of the GM.

Posted : 2016-11-17

General Elections for 2017

MathSoc Executives and Council Nomination forms will be located outside MathSoc Office and online.

Posted : 2016-11-13

Math Kickstarter (FYA Event)

Hey First Years, MathSoc will be running our “Math Kickstarter” event next WEDNESDAY, November 23 from 6pm-8pm @ MC!! We will be running 3 AWESOME workshops just for YOU!!

  • Math Majors - if you want to learn more about the different programs UWaterloo Math has to offer and the experiences of upper years in each program, this is for you!
  • Side Projects - if you aren’t sure what side projects are or want to learn more from upper years, come down to this event!
  • Networking/Co-op - If you want to network with upper years and find out about their co-op experiences, attend this workshop!
This event is designed to help you “kickstart” the best journey of your lives! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Hope to see everyone there!

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/200334327088054/

Posted : 2016-11-12

Capital Improvements and External Funding Proposals

You can submit CIF proposals at https://mathsoc1.typeform.com/to/F0A8yp and External Funding proposals at https://mathsoc1.typeform.com/to/jpKGh8. For anything related to long-term improvements to Math space, submit a CIF proposal. For anything else, external to clubs and MathSoc, submit an External Funding proposal. If you have any questions, email mathsoc.uw@gmail.com.

Posted : 2016-10-26

Thanksgiving sale

Hello Mathies! Mathsoc is holding a Thanksgiving Sale! Hoodies will be $25 (reg. $30), Sweatpants will be $20 (reg. $25) and T-shirts will be $10 (reg $15) with a special for our ABS shirts. ABS shirts will be $1 each or free with a purchase of another novelty clothing item. Come by and get some math swag for yourself or also as a gift for others! :)

Posted : 2016-10-03

FY Rep Elected

Congratulations to the following, as they've been elected as Fall 2016 - Winter 2017 First Year Representatives of MathSoc:

  • June Xu
  • Harshith Depa
  • Lucy Wang
  • Karolina Xin
  • Raphael Kou

Posted : 2016-10-03

Vote for Your FY Reps

Voting is now open at auth.mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca/Elections/Vote until 11:59PM tomorrow, September 30th.

Posted : 2016-09-29

MathSoc Emails Are Back Up

All MathSoc emails are back! Including elections@, exec@, mathsoc@, prez@ and all vp emails.

Posted : 2016-09-25

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