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Computer Science Representative


Computer Science Representatives are voting members of Council, elected by Computer Science students to represent their interests. Computer Science students include all students in Honours or Joint Honours programs offered by the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, including Computer Science, Bioinformatics, the Computer Science and Business Double Degree, and Computational Mathematics.


3 of 5 positions taken for this term.

If you're interested in applying for this position, you can email the VPAS to figure out how.

Contact Information

Lizhong Bi - Log in to view email
Harshith Reddy Depa - Log in to view email
Patrick James Melanson - Log in to view email

Position History

  • Spring 2017 → Lizhong Bi, Harshith Reddy Depa, Patrick James Melanson
  • Spring 2016 → Yiding Xu, Sean Harrap, Keegan Dale Parker
  • Winter 2016 → Fatema Hakimuddin Boxwala, Patrick James Melanson, Sean Harrap
  • Spring 2015 → Sean Harrap, Julie Sturgeon, Jazbel Chenpei Wang, Fatema Hakimuddin Boxwala, Luke Scollard
  • Winter 2015 → Jazbel Chenpei Wang, Sean Harrap
  • Fall 2014 → Shen Jin, Keegan Dale Parker, Tristan Wesley Morris Potter, Jazbel Chenpei Wang
  • Spring 2014 → Elana Hashman