UW Mathematics Society

First Year Representative


First Year Representatives are voting members of Council, elected by first-year students of all programs to represent their interests.


0 of 5 positions taken for this term.

If you're interested in applying for this position, you can email the VPAS to figure out how.

Contact Information

There is currently no volunteers for this position.

Position History

  • Fall 2016 → Harshith Reddy Depa, Rujie Wang, Ying Xin, Huiqin Xu, Raphael Choo Yu Koh
  • Winter 2016 → Imran Ahmed, Manqiu Wang, Austin Cho-Wong
  • Winter 2015 → Deanna Darby Barton, Yihan Zhou, Matthew Wesley William Silver
  • Fall 2014 → Hyeongju David Cho, Matthew Wesley William Silver, Tian Zou, Deanna Darby Barton, Yihan Zhou
  • Winter 2014 → Bryan Qiu, Keegan Dale Parker, Andy Baek, Chenyi Liu, Tristan Wesley Morris Potter