UW Mathematics Society

Games Director


The Games Director organizes games night on the 3rd floor of MC every week. This includes creating/putting up posters, selecting games from the MathSoc Office, purchasing food, and setting up in the C&D on a weekly basis. They are also responsible for organizing game tournaments.


0 of 1 position taken for this term.

If you're interested in applying for this position, you can email the VPAS to figure out how.

Contact Information

There are currently no volunteers for this position.

Position History

  • Fall 2016 → Zeqi Chen, Felix Bauckholt, Junqiao Lin
  • Winter 2016 → Ho-Yi Fung
  • Spring 2015 → Joshua Winfield Vanderzwan Simpson, Robert Huang
  • Winter 2015 → Taras Kolomatski, Ho-Yi Fung
  • Fall 2014 → Hart Nicholas Churchill Andrin, Robert Huang, Sean Harrap, Fazha Fareez
  • Winter 2014 → Joshua Winfield Vanderzwan Simpson, Cynthia Chi-Yau Chan