UW Mathematics Society

Vice President, Academic


The VPA is tasked to represent student views and opinions on academic issues in various faculty and school councils. The VPA is also on various committees to review and amend academic plan changes. Additionally, they can provide academic rights counselling and organize forums for the discussion of issues of interest to students.


0 of 1 position taken for this term.

If you're interested in applying for this position, you can email the VPAS to figure out how.

Contact Information

There are currently no volunteers for this position.

Position History

  • Fall 2018 → Ina Wang
  • Spring 2018 → Jimmy Zhou
  • Winter 2018 → Tristan Wesley Morris Potter
  • Fall 2017 → Anna Suk Yu Chen
  • Spring 2017 → Anna Suk Yu Chen
  • Winter 2017 → Anna Suk Yu Chen
  • Fall 2016 → Anna Suk Yu Chen
  • Spring 2016 → Tristan Wesley Morris Potter
  • Winter 2016 → Sean Harrap