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Vice President, Finances


The vice president of finance oversees the MathSoc account and the Capital Improvements Fund. The VPF is responsible for keeping track of all money-related matters inside the society, that include but are not limited to: drafting budget, processing expense claims, cash closes of office, deposits and etc.. Additionally, the VPF sits on all finance-related committees under MathSoc including the CnD finance board.


0 of 1 position taken for this term.

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Contact Information

There are currently no volunteers for this position.

Position History

  • Fall 2018 → Krishna Pasumarthy
  • Spring 2018 → Andy Zhang
  • Winter 2018 → Jimmy Zhou
  • Fall 2017 → Dragos Cada
  • Spring 2017 → Kristen Ngai
  • Winter 2017 → Jeremy Wang
  • Fall 2016 → Jeremy Wang
  • Spring 2016 → Peiyao Zou
  • Winter 2016 → Ziche Liu