UW Mathematics Society

Vice-President, Internal


The Vice-President, Internal is responsible for:
  • organizing Society events and activites for Society members
  • publicizing the events within MathSoc
  • encouraging members to become more involved in the Society
  • and ensuring that the opportunity exists for them to do so
  • ensuring that hardworking volunteers do not go
  • unrecognized, especially those whose e fforts are less immediately visible


0 of 1 position taken for this term.

If you're interested in applying for this position, you can email the VPAS to figure out how.

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There is currently no volunteers for this position.

Position History

  • Fall 2018 → Kanan Sharma
  • Spring 2018 → Andres Rodriguez
  • Fall 2017 → Asha Geerthehaa Anantharajah
  • Spring 2017 → Asha Geerthehaa Anantharajah
  • Winter 2017 → Jason Shau Ji PNg