1503, 2016

President’s Statement

Yesterday was an overwhelming and stressful day for everyone. Not only did we learn about the University's plans for Spring 2020 term, but also hear from our instructors about the decisions made for the final grading scheme. The grading scheme that may have a significant effect on our academic average. MathSoc understands the confusion and stress many students are currently experiencing. We hear your concerns. We see your [...]

1503, 2016

MathSoc Service Update

In accordance with the university’s changes in response to the COVID-19 situation, MathSoc will be limiting its in-person services for the remainder of the term. However, on behalf of all UW undergraduate Maths students, we will constantly be communicating with WUSA and the Faculty about the latest news and notices. If you have any concerns you would like us to know, please contact us at Please stay up-to-date [...]