What is Board

The MathSoc Board of Directors is responsible for the management of the legal, financial, and human resource concerns of the organization as well as long-term planning (Bylaw 6.1). This includes advocacy, overseeing long-term projects with the faculty, as well as appointing and evaluating executives each term.

Composition of Board

MathSoc Board is composed of up to 16 voting members: the 6 executives, plus up to 6 At-Large Directors, 2 Council Representatives, and 2 Community Representatives (Bylaw 6.2). Each Director usually serves for one year, and at the General Meeting each term, any MathSoc member can nominate themselves to become an At-Large Director for the following term.

Board Directors
Evan Girardin
Chair, At-Large Director
Daniel Matlin
At-Large Director
Michael Alexander
At-Large Director
Callum Brown
At-Large Director
Laith Bahodi
At-Large Director
Tam an Le Quang
At-Large Director
Cooper Stone
Council Representative
Kareem Alfarra
Council Representative
Terry Chen
Community Representative
Kanan Sharma
Community Representative

Damian Mustatea
Logan Batson
Vice President, Academic
Akshay Thambipillai
Vice President, Finance
Rachel Tania
Vice President, Internal
Mick Wang
Vice President, Operations
Iris Pan
Vice President, Communications