Computer Science Club

We exist to promote knowledge of and interest in computer science as well as allowing those interested in computer science to talk to each other. We have an office where members get together, a library of computer science books available to our members, computer accounts on our various machines and much more. Frequently we host events related to computing, including talks, tutorials and demonstrations.

Double Degree Club

The DDC is an official, UW and WLU registered, student-run organization that aims to enhance the experience of Double Degree students during their university career. Thanks to the support of members like yourself, the club hosts several social events, networking/mentorship opportunities, and academic resources in an effort to enrich your education at UW and WLU. We also work closely with administration at both universities to increase the presence of our members at the two schools, to foster an atmosphere in which our students can develop both socially and professionally.

Statistics Club

The University of Waterloo's Statistics Club is the official student run club serving UW's statistics undergraduate students. The Stats Club is dedicated to bringing together the statistics undergraduate community on campus by providing friendly and welcoming environment, as well as supplying resources for the academic pursuit of Statistics.

Teaching Students' Association

The objective of the TSA shall be to promote interaction amongst University of Waterloo Undergraduate Students interested in a career in teaching. Throughout the academic year, a collection of social, athletic, cultural, and academic activities shall be organized to foster positive networking between potential teaching candidates. Furthermore, the TSA will explore and encourage professional development activities with the goal of improving club members' teaching qualifications.

Mathematical Finance Student Association

The goal of MFSA is to provide services that encourage academic pursuits of quantitative finance and improve the reputation of the Mathematical Finance program.

Actuarial Sciences Club

The UW ActSci Club is the official student organization serving UW's actuarial science undergraduate students. It's a club for students with the common interest of pursuing an actuarial career to come together, network, learn, and improve their UW experience! The club hosts weekly social and informative events, lends out actuarial exam study manuals, operates a mentorship program, and is your hub for all actuarial-related news and events. Come by our office (M3 1003) to borrow study manuals, learn more about the club, or ask our friendly execs for some advice. We hope we can make your time here at UW a little easier and as enjoyable as possible!

Financial Analysis or Risk Management Student Association

FARMSA is a non-profit student club open to all Math students at the UW, even those not in the Math/FARM program.

The goals of the club:

• To encourage academic pursuits and interests of the Math/FARM program internally and externally.
• To provide services that will benefit Math/FARM students and other interested individuals academically and professionally.
• To improve the cohesiveness between individuals of the Math/FARM program.
• Provide a framework to build, improve and promote the reputation and quality of the Math/FARM program.

Pure Math, Applied Math and Combinatorial Optimization Club

The Pure Math Club is a non-profit student club that is open to anyone who is interested in various areas of mathematics. The Pure Math Club organizes various academic social events such as talks by professors and students, math contests and beginning, middle, end of term social events. Students are encouraged to work in the club office located in MC 3033. It’s a nice space with a blackboard/whiteboard, reference books and a computer for music and WolframAlpha!

Data Science Club

Our mission is to support the University of Waterloo in producing the best data scientists in the industry. We create a platform for discussion of topics and events related to Data Science as well as create a network of support for learning and job search.

Bioinformatics Club

Welcome to the Undergraduate Bioinformatics Club of the University of Waterloo! We hope to act as a space encouraging developing interest in the fields of statistics, biology, computer science, chemistry and, of course, bioinformatics!
We provide members with ample learning material and host tutorial sessions and workshops for beginners, and have our club room stocked with resources to support independent learning efforts!

The student of bioinformatics is a chimeric organism - enveloping multiple-fields and being home to a variety of academic backgrounds, so one of our main goals is to connect students from related programs and faculties that are interested in the field and provide a platform for collaboration. We support and encourage fellow students to start personal projects, and get involved in research by volunteering or working with professors at the University! Some of the popular events BIC holds are grad talks, journal clubs, and seminar series where students with co-op relating to the field share their experiences, work, and anecdotes! We also hold social events like Board Game Nights and the BicNic Picnic! We’re always looking for new members, so please don’t hesitate and come check our club out.

MathSoc Organizations

MathSoc Office

MathSoc offers many handy services, both academic and recreational, out of our office in MC 3038. Some things you may find important for classes:

• 5¢ photocopies for those lectures you missed
• Pens and pencils for 25¢/each
• Paper (lined and graph) for 10¢/10 sheets
• Transparencies for presentations
• Calculators with pink tie stickers for the cheapest on campus
• Staplers to staple your assignment together
• Hole punches
• Work report binding for only 75¢!
• Computers with printing for 10¢ a page
• Locker Signup so you don't have to carry around those heavy books all day
• Textbook library so you have access to material when you don't have your books with you. This selection includes most first/second-year core courses.

On the recreational side, we have a selection of mathNEWS, frisbees, cool math novelties and board games

MathSoc Council

MathSoc Council is the main decision-making body of the Society.

MathSoc Council is made up of up to 30 program representatives and the 5 executives. Each program representative and executive is elected per term.

Council makes important decisions about budgeting, academic and operational policies and many other decisions.

VP Operation Directors

Directors who report to the Vice President, Operations

VP Academic Directors

Directors who report to the Vice President, Academic

VP Internal Directors

Directors who report to the Vice President, Internal

MathSoc Directors

Drectors that run the events and services of Mathsoc

VP Finance Directors

Directors that work with the VP Finance

Career Fair Directors

Directors that report to the Chair of Career Fair

Mentorship Program Directors

Directors and volunteers that report to the mentorship coordinators.