Comics Archive

All the comics that we’ve ever produced are located here, sorted by course. Check them out!

MATH Comics

MATH135 – Algebra
MATH136 – Linear Algebra I
MATH137 – Calculus I
MATH138 – Calculus II
MATH237 – Calculus III
MATH239 – Introduction to Combinatorics

CS Comics

CS135 – Designing Functional Programs
CS136 – Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction
CS136L – Tools and Techniques for Software Development
CS145 – Designing Functional Programs (Advanced Level)
CS245 – Logic and Computation
CS246 – Object-Oriented Software Development
CS341 – Algorithms

STAT Comics

STAT230 – Probability
STAT231 – Statistics

ACTSC Comics

ACTSC371 – Introduction to Investments