Spring 2024 VP Academic By-Election Platforms

The voting period for the MathSoc Spring 2024 VPA By-Election is from March 21 – 22. Voters may vote online using vote.wusa.ca, or they may go to the MathSoc Office (MC 3038) during its hours of operation. Any questions or concerns about the election may be directed towards MathSoc’s Elections Committee – elections@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca .All candidates are listed alphabetically by last name.

E-Therng Lee

Hi! I’m E-Therng Lee and I am running for Mathsoc VPA next term. I am currently part of Mathsoc as an At-Large Representative, so I know the ins-and-outs of Mathsoc and also about the general maths community.

Next term as VPA, my goals are to improve the communication between VPA and students and also to promote the existence of VPA, as I feel like a lot of students don’t know that the VPA can help out with course issues.

As VPA, I will also run more review sessions in a wide variety of courses, not just general maths. As someone who has taken normal and advanced courses in a variety of majors, such as Stats, Actsci, and CO, I have the ability to organise and run review sessions for those courses as well.

Lastly, as VPA I will advocate for students relating to co-op, by talking to co-op leaders and sitting in various committees.

As someone who is going into his 3A term, I am at a time where I both understand enough about the maths faculty and also be able to take on more executive positions in the future to continue the work that I started. Thanks for reading and I hope you will vote for me on March 21-22 on vote.wusa.ca!

Raymond Li

The candidate has withdrawn from the seat of Vice President, Academic.

Spring 2024 General Election Candidate Platforms

The voting period for the MathSoc Spring 2024 General Election is from February 28 – March 1, 2024. Voters may vote online using vote.wusa.ca, or they may go to the MathSoc Office (MC 3038) during its hours of operation. Any questions or concerns about the election may be directed towards MathSoc’s Elections Committee – elections@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca .All candidates are listed alphabetically by last name.

Computer Science Representative Candidates

Tian Chen

The candidate has not submitted their platform.

Ivy Fan-Chiang

Hi! I’m Ivy, a 2A CS’27 student interested in security and math. Being relatively new to the faculty means I’m passionate about making MathSoc inclusive to all CS and Math students, transparent, and approachable to everyone (especially first-years and those new to the faculty). I’m pretty approachable, being active in CSC, I can be found around their office or online (on Discord or other means) if you have any questions or concerns.

Grace Feng

Hi all! I’m Grace, a current CS Rep on Council and a maker of bad puns 🙂
I’ve been in MathSoc in some capacity since 1A, and if I get elected, it’ll be my 6th straight term on Council. Notably, I’ve been: S23 President, F22 VP Communications, 3x CS Rep, 4x on Board, 2023 Math Grad chair, 3x MathSoc Cartoons director, among other things.
My point is, I have the MathSoc experience to help support and guide the massive influx of new Councillors, so that Council can continue to be an effective avenue for advocacy. I’m glad to see more interest in MathSoc, keep it up!

Julien Liang

The candidate has not submitted their platform.

The Elections Committee has ruled that this candidate’s actions resulted in a minor contravention of the spirit, or indirect or implicit violation of MathSoc’s bylaws, policies, or procedures. The offending action was putting up new Chinese-language posters around campus after two warnings to remove his old posters and not put up any more new Chinese posters. Since he was warned twice to not have non-English posters, the Elections Committee has assigned the candidate six demerit points, under MathSoc Policy 1.6.2.

The Elections Committee has ruled that this candidate violated the rule against lying to or misleading the Elections Committee. The offending action was informing the Elections Commitee that his old Chinese-language posters would be removed. However, they were taken down and replaced with new ones. This is not removing the posters, and as such, the Elections Committee has determined that the candidate has lied to or mislead the Committee, and assigned the candidate 11 demerit points.

Because the candidate has over 10 demerit points assigned, they have been disqualified from the Spring 2024 MathSoc General Election.

Eric Kang

The candidate has not submitted their platform.

Avish Kathpal

I am Avish and I’m running for CS rep. I will have had council experience by then as I’m an at-large rep right now. I am active in PMC and am currently the VP Prop, I am very active on discord servers and am also around on the 3rd floor. I will try to be as approachable and make sure your opinions are heard!

Awab Qureshi

As speaker I have focused on increasing council’s membership, and I am very proud to see an election this competitive! From connecting students to executives, and supporting them in courses such as last term’s offerings of CS 245E and MATH 249, to ensuring that student funds are being spent well by taking in your opinions and displaying them, I have always made sure to bring students’ voices to Council. Council is not always very welcoming to new members, and I plan to continue to work on supporting our new councillors by making meetings run smoother and by working on documentation. I have and will also help ensure that motions are compliant with policy, to help Council proceed with confidence. As an older member, I can use my experience and familiarity with institutional knowledge to help get things done. Feel free to chat to me by Discord messaging @aaqsr!

Daniel Wang

The candidate has withdrawn from the seat of Computer Science Representative.

Pure Math, Applied Math, and Combinatorics and Optimization Representative Candidates

Kareem Alfarra

The candidate has not submitted their platform.

Samantha Pater

I am the current PMAMC&O Representative on MathSoc council, running again for Spring 2024. I have been very proactive on Council – asking for opinions on agenda items and how they affect my constituents, connecting you to the correct people for your concerns, giving rundowns of meetings after the fact, and being very transparent with MathSoc and what’s going on behind the scenes. I have also been reading up on the MathSoc policies and bylaws (which are very valuable on Council!), and I make sure to bring your concerns, opinions, and best interests to the attention of the Council always.

Yi Fan Song

I’m Yi Fan, you may also know me as the VP Pop and VP C&O for the PMC (or the bunny person since that’s my profile pic on discord).

I was originally in the cohort of 2023, but I’ve been on a sabbatical for the past 2 years, now coming back, it is nice to meet new people and also witness some of the people I met back then graduate. I think that puts me in a very special to advocate for students like me, who don’t belong to a specific cohort.

I am always happy to chat about whatever math or non math related topics, and would do my utmost to advocate your concerns for all Mathsoc related issues.

Discord: derp.ing
Ig: sirsoderp

Remington Zhi

The candidate has withdrawn from the seat of Pure Math, Applied Math, and Combinatorics and Optimization Representative.

At-Large Representative Candidates

Vincent Chen

Hey Mathies 😄, I’m Vincent Chen, the current First Year Representative on MathSoc! I am currently running for At-Large Rep for the Spring 2024 term! I bring a lot of experience ranging from First Year Affairs, Council, and even a little bit of Board. I helped run all the First Year Study Sessions and also advocated for mental health (and physical health aka oranges/healthy snacks in the MathSoc office) for all math students :).

The way I see it, I am a Linear Transformation from you to council, where ME : YOU -> MATHSOC. All of YOUR concerns will be directly mapped onto the ears of Council through me, and every decision or motion considered be will be brought back to you through me as well, making me bijective and perhaps an isomorphism 🙂 (don’t get mad at me if I get any of the mathing wrong). Thus, I hope you will consider me as your top pick for the At-Large Rep position this election!

Also, I have created a rap for this occasion and I hope you enjoy 🙂

Sai Jilla

Hey there!! My name is Sai and I’m running to be your Spring 2024 MathSoc Representative-At-Large! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Throughout high school, I’ve taken on executive roles in numerous clubs, and worked extensively toward club expansion and have participated in several national events.

Now in university, I’ve been making strides to become more involved. I’m currently a member of the Math Endowment Fund Council as First Year Rep, and one of my top priorities is always to make sure that the voices of students are heard. If elected as your Representative At-Large, I’ll do my best to promote a greater sense of community, keep you updated on MathSoc’s activities and decisions, and make YOUR voices heard in Council!

Still not convinced on voting for me on Feb 28-March 1st (at https://vote.wusa.ca/)?

Check out my campaign document:

E-Therng Lee

Hi! My name is E-Therng Lee and I am running for Mathsoc At-Large Rep. I am currently an at-large councillor, which gives me the experience and knowledge needed to support all of you. I believe that I am suited for this position because I am in 3 majors: Math Finance, Pure Math, and C&O, which gives me a unique perspective on a plethora of courses as through my majors, I am taking courses in Pure Math, Statistics, C&O, Actsci, and Applied Math. Because of this, I am able to express the needs and concerns of students in various majors. Not only that, I am also active in many clubs and Discord groups, which allows your voice and concerns to be heard. I hope you will support me for At-Large Rep. Thank you!

Sara Nayar

I have had the opportunity to meet many cool people through the Pure Math Club, and running the UW Math ’28 and Advanced Math/CS ’28 servers. Since I was elected VP AMATH for PMC, I have gained experiences that will be valuable to the MathSoc council, such as reviewing budgeting processes, organizing events like the AMATH Prof Talk coming later this term, and more. I’ve enjoyed being a part of and helping to grow this school’s communities and my cohort. If you come by PMC, you’ve probably seen me, I wear a green puffer jacket. Thank you :).

Fahmi Omer

The candidate has not submitted their platform.

Tanya Sheberstov

As a Math/CPA student, I know firsthand the challenges that come with being in a small, relatively unknown, program. Having a seat in math council would allow me to represent the programs that often get overlooked in decision-making processes. I want to help make seeking help of any kind (academic, personal, administrative) smoother for those like myself who had to figure it out by themselves. I also have experience straddling the line between two very different industries, math and accounting, each with their own opportunities. I strongly believe there needs to be more crossover between faculty events so as to allow students who belong to more than one faculty to feel less of a divide in their academics, extracurriculars, and social life.

Melody Zhong

Hello! My name is Melody and I’m running for MathSoc At-Large rep. I’m double majoring in CS and Pure Math (and I’m on the WiM committee) so I encounter a lot of different perspectives, and I’m going to do my best to advocate for all of you! I know the struggles of the exam bank being filled with ancient irrelevant files, and of trying to find a place to study when everywhere seems full. If you vote for me, I’ll make sure to push for professors providing more recent exams, as well as improving student spaces across math buildings. I’m also in quite a few clubs and Waterloo discord servers (PMC, CSC, UWCS’28, etc), so feel free to reach out to me and I’ll make sure your voice is heard!

President Candidates

E-Therng Lee

The candidate has withdrawn from the seat of President.

Daniel Wang

The candidate has withdrawn from the seat of President.

Remington Zhi

As President, I will continue advocacy for student spaces, and lead the MathSoc executives in closer collaboration with clubs and council. I will continue communications with the Faculty on student spaces in M4, leveraging my experience as a co-op student in the Dean of Math’s office, and listen to your feedback on improving the CnD and Comfy lounge. As the president of the Pure Math Club, I understand what it takes to get things done, make events happen, and improve student lives. I will lead MathSoc execs in regularly providing administrative support to clubs with budgeting, booking events, etc., and helping new club execs learn the ropes of dealing with MathSoc. I will also make sure that Execs listen to Council who represent the voices of the students and better execute the wishes of the student body. To encourage better functioning of and higher engagement with Council, I will provide more information and support to students looking to get involved in MathSoc governance for the first time, throughout their campaign, transition, and term.

Vice President, Academic Candidates

Alex Pawelko

The candidate has withdrawn from the seat of VP Academic. As such, there will be no VPA election for the MathSoc Spring 2024 General Elections – there will be a VPA By-Election.