Winter 2024 General Election Results


Logan Batson

Voting Results:

Eligible voters: 9043 / Number of votes cast: 45

  Number of Votes Percentage of Votes
No 1 2.222%
Yes 43 95.556%
Absentions 1 2.222%

VP Academic

Zev Friedman
Voting Results:
Eligible voters: 9043 / Number of votes cast: 42
  Number of Votes Percentage of Votes
Yes 37 88.095%
No 3 7.143%
Absentions 2 4.762%

Business Representative (acclaimed)

Pranav Bedi

Computer Science Representatives (acclaimed)

Daniel Wang
Grace Feng
Sarah Wilson
Awab Qureshi
Aryan Patel

Fall 2023 By-Election

For questions about MathSoc elections, contact the Elections Committee at


The Fall 2023 By-Election has ended! Your winners are:

Business Representative (acclaimed):

  • Diana Tatar

At-Large Representative (acclaimed):

  • Lucas Tate
  • Zev Friedman
  • Daniel Wang
  • Cindy Li

First-Year Representative (elected for both Fall 2023 and Winter 2024):

  • Vincent Chen
  • Danny Liu
  • Cristian Moretto
  • Fahmi Omer

Congratulations to our winners!

For our First-Year representative seat, we had 203 voters (casting 196 ballots and 7 declines) of 1500 eligible members. This comes out to an exceptional turnout of 13.5%. Thank you all for running such engaging campaigns!

Technical notes for the First-Year election:

  • The raw ballot data can be found at this link, and the output log of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) vote count can be found at this link. The vote count was run using STV-rs, an open-source STV system which uses Meek’s Method, a detail which ensured all seats were filled with candidates.
  • Several candidates were disqualified because they did not submit an expense report. They were marked as “withdrawn” in the input for the program (and this can be seen in the output log), effectively removing them from the count. For this reason, while there were 196 ballots, the output log indicates there were just 192, since the program removed 4 ballots which included only those candidates in their rankings.
  • Last, ties were broken with the use of a tiebreaker ballot provided ahead of the voting period, as defined and required by MathSoc Policy 1.5.5.