Yesterday was an overwhelming and stressful day for everyone. Not only did we learn about the University’s plans for Spring 2020 term, but also hear from our instructors about the decisions made for the final grading scheme. The grading scheme that may have a significant effect on our academic average.

MathSoc understands the confusion and stress many students are currently experiencing. We hear your concerns. We see your worry.

MathSoc is here to advocate on your behalf, to seek clarity to your questions, and to assist the University in making decisions in the best interest of the student body

We have and will continue to voice your concerns and distress to the University about the changes, to encourage them to seek alternatives. However, we ask for your patience during this process. MathSoc is constantly working to bring your concerns forward and seeking answers. We promise to keep you updated.

On behalf of MathSoc, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy in these challenging times.

Sincerely yours,
Yuqian (Ina) Wang

Mathematics Society President, Winter 2020

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