Our Office

Located in MC3038, the MathSoc Office provides various services from board game and textbook rentals to free candy. Check out our services below!


We offer textbook and board game rentals. Up to 3 items may be rented at a time for a rental period of 2 weeks


Available in black and white ($0.10/page) as well as colour ($0.30/side).


We sell stationery, novelty items, and calculators at affordable rates.

Item Price ($)
Pen 0.25
Muji Pen 2.00
Pencil 0.25
Mechanical Pencil 0.50
Pencil Lead 1.00
Eraser 0.50
Highlighter 0.50
Ruler 0.50
Correction Tape 1.00
Notebook 2.00
Paper (10 pack) 0.10
Mug 3.00
Champagne Flute 1.00

Poster Requests

In order to put up posters on MathSoc boards, clubs must gain our approval. The approval process is as follows:

  1. Ensure that your request is either:
    • 4 standard A4 sized posters OR
    • 2 large sized posters
  2. Submit posters in the slot behind the desk labeled Postings

Upon approval, MathSoc will put your posters up for you.


For clubs that need rental exceptions: vpo@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca

General questions or inquiries about the office: info@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca