Welcome Week and Clubs Days

 Get Ready to Learn About MathSoc Clubs!

Welcome Week and Clubs Days are a great way to meet new friends and get involved at the university.

Each term, MathSoc hosts a Welcome Week, during which different events are run. One such event is Clubs Day, where the various MathSoc clubs set up booths for people to come around and ask questions. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for the lastest updates!

Pi Day (March & November)  and Pi-Approximation Day (July)

Save the date for {March 14th, November 10th,  July 22nd}!

Each term, MathSoc hosts an event related to pi. In Fall, we have Pi Day on November 10th (314th day of the year), in Winter, we have Pi Day on March 14th (3.14), and in Spring, we have Pi-Approximation Day on July 22nd (22/7). In Fall and Winter, we give out pie, and in Spring, we give out cake! There is also a pi recitation contest each term, and some contestants have recited upwards of 1400 digits!

De-stress and Mental Health

It’s Important to Take a Break!

Your mental health is just as important as your physical one. Remember to take breaks and partake in activities that make you feel better! MathSoc runs various de-stress events each term to give students a break from their studies.

Learn more about mental health resources at: https://uwaterloo.ca/co-operative-education/supports-and-resources/mental-health-resources

Party with Profs

Fun Party!

Party with Profs is another common event run by MathSoc. Come join the party to socialize with the professors for a great time!

Celebratory dates:  Valentine’s Day, Halloween

Let’s Celebrate!

Take a break from school and celebrate these wonderful holidays!

Semi Formal

Get Ready to Dress Up!

MathSoc Semi Formal is an event run about once each year. Be prepared to have fun and let loose!

Don’t miss it!