Volunteering with MathSoc is a great way to meet other people in your faculty. While some positions are time sensitive we welcome applications at anytime. If you have questions about a role we recommend sending the corresponding VP or club an email. If a position that you are interested in is not currently open and you wish to receive a notification when it opens please email the VPO at vpo@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca about what positions you are interested in and ensure to check this page regularly. We look forward to meeting you!

President Directors

Director of First Year Affairs

The Director of First Year Affairs is responsible for chairing the Committee of First Year Affairs (CFYA). The CFYA is to encourage greater participation by first year students in the Society, to ensure that the concerns of first year students are adequately represented within the Society and the Faculty, and to provide a structure promoting greater communication between first-year and upper-year students. The Director reports to and is responsible to the President; have the power to appoint committee members to administer the various aspects of the Committee. More information about this role can be found in Policy 17.

Apply to president@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca

VP Academic Directors

Advocacy Director

The Advocacy Director will work with the VP Academics to advocate for Math students. Potential tasks will focus on creating communications to share with math students about past and current advocacy efforts.
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Exam Bank Director

The Exam Bank Director is responsible for maintaining the Exam Bank and facilitating the submission and approval of new exams in collaboration with the Vice President, Academic.
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Resume Critique Director

The Resume Critique Director is responsible for encouraging students to volunteer for the event as well as organizing, marketing and facilitating the Resume Critique.
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Mock Interview Director

The Mock Interview Director is responsible for adapting the Mock Interview event to the digital atmosphere, to assist students in preparing for online co-op interviews.
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Study Party Director

The Study Party Director is responsible for organizing one or two events which appeal to the undergraduate mathematics student body, and foster a positive and productive environment.
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VP Finance Directors

Finance Director

Responsible for assisting the VPF with their tasks. This may include counting the float in the MathSoc Office and tasks involving the Society’s finances. Additional tasks could be aiding various club executives on planning and budgeting of activities. Previous experience with handling finances is desired. Please include any relevant accounting courses or work experience in your application.

VP Internal Directors

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator will work with the VPI to help organize and run events for the Mathematics Society. The coordinator will be in charge of managing and overseeing several of MathSoc’s core events. If you have ideas for events we’d love to hear them!

Games Night Director

Organizes weekly games night on the Games Night discord. This position includes advertising the event and inviting Profs for the termly Games Night with Profs. We would love to run multiple “Nights” so students in multiple timezones can participate. It also includes helping to select boardgames to expand MathSoc’s collection.
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Marketing Director

The marketing directors are responsible for the effective utilization of society’s distribution channels. Duties include the creation and distribution of marketing materials for the society’s events and activities.
They are responsible for all postings on MathSoc’s bulletin boards. This may include designing posters for events, upgrading bulletin boards on the third and fourth floor of MC, and timely/frequent posting of flyers brought to the MathSoc Office. Also may include managing social media accounts of the Society. If you have any relevant work or social media handles, feel free to attach/include them in your application.
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Pi Day Directors

The Pi Day director plans and organizes volunteers for Pi Day. Some of the activities of Pi Day are free pie giveaways and the Pi Recitation Contest.

VP Operations Directors

Novelties Director

Are you interested in developing and managing Math swag? Then this is the position for you!

Website Developer

Depending on skill, desire and time this position could include CSS, HTML, Javascript to make changes to the WordPress site. If you would prefer to make an additional page like the textbook library that is also possible. Applications for Spring 2021 are now open!

MathSoc Executive Team

Please ensure that you have read the MathSoc bylaws and policies before applying for any of the below roles, especially Bylaw 8.


The President is the chief executive of the Society. They organize and run the general meeting, coordinate meetings between the Executive team and various other parties. The President is expected to present at most MathSoc events and to meet with each Club and Service at least once a term. More information about this role can be found in Bylaw 8.3 and Policy 25 .

The current President can be reached at president@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca

This position is not currently open for applications. It should open in the beginning of the second month of term.

Vice President, Finances

The Vice President, Finances (VPF), is responsible for the financial affairs of the society. They work closely with the WUSA Accountant to ensure that MathSoc is following proper procedures. They are also responsible for ensuring that clubs and services receive reimbursements in a timely manner. More information about this role can be found in Bylaw 8.4 and Policy 25 .

This position is not currently open for applications. It should open in the beginning of the second month of term.

The current VPF can be reached at vpf@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca

Vice President, Operations

The Vice President Operations (VPO), is responsible for the MathSoc office, equipment and room bookings as well as the MathSoc website. More information about this role can be found in Bylaw 8.5 and Policy 25 .

This position is not currently open for applications. It should open in the beginning of the second month of term.

The current VPO can be reached at vpo@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca

Vice President, Internal

The Vice President, Internal (VPI), is responsible for filling out event forms for all MathSoc Events as well as helping others fill out the required forms properly. They are expected to be present at most MathSoc events and to provide advertising for all MathSoc events as well as run important events like Clubs Day at the start of term, and Pi Day. More information about this role can be found in Bylaw 8.6 and Policy 25.

This position is not currently open for applications. It should open in the beginning of the second month of term.

The current VPI can be reached at vpi@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca

Vice President, Academic

The Vice President, Academics (VPA), is responsible for running at least two academic events of some sort over the term. They are also expected to attend all required meeting and solicit student feedback about upcoming academic changes. More information about this role can be found in Bylaw 8.7 and Policy 25.

This position is not currently open for applications. It should open in the beginning of the second month of term.

The current VPA can be reached at vpa@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca

MathSoc Council

Program Representative (COMING SOON FOR SPRING TERM!)

The Council is comprised of up to 35 voting members – the exact breakdown by program can be found here . Council represents the members of the Society by setting advocacy priorities, approving the budgets of clubs and executives as well as providing a voice for students (Bylaw 7.1). Please note that first years are generally not eligible to be Program Representatives (Bylaw 7.3).

By-elections for remaining open seats are now open! See https://mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca/elections/ for dates. Spring 2021 seats will open by early March.

First Year Representatives

While also representing first year students on Council, First Year Representatives are all part of the Committee of First Year Affairs (CFYA) (Policy 17). CFYA is tasked with encouraging greater participation by first year students in MathSoc, that concerns of first year students are heard and to provide communication between first year and upper year students. In previous years this Committee has run events like “Board Games and Bubble Tea”. First year representatives hold the position of First Year Representative until they either finish first year or until the end of the following Spring term (Bylaw 7.3.2).


The Secretary has the following duties:
1. Record attendance of Council meetings, including when a member is more than one half-hour late for a meeting and if they sent notice of their absence;
2. Distribute minutes of each Council or General meeting in a timely manner after that meeting;
3. Report to Council when a Councillor is failing to meet the requirements of office.

Refer to (Bylaw 7.12.2) for more information.
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MathSoc Board of Directors

At-large Director

The Board of Directors is comprised of up to 14 voting members and is responsible for the management of the legal, financial, and human resource concerns of the organization as well as long term planning (Bylaw 6.1). If interested in this position we recommend checking out Bylaw 6 to learn more about the Board of Directors.

Each term there are 2 at-large representatives elected for the following year as well as potentially shorter terms depending on availability. Applications will open in the second month of term. If you would like an email reminder when applications open please email vpo@mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca.

Pro-tempore Board Director (4-month) (NEW!)

A 4-month At-large position to sit on MathSoc’s Board of Directors.
MathSoc is looking for experienced individuals who are passionate about the Society and interested in providing their perspective to help the Society’s long-term planning.

If you are interested, please apply at tinyurl.com/MSBoD-interimApp-F20 by 12:00 PM (EDT) on September 18th.

Mentorship Program


The MathSoc Mentorship Program is now taking mentee applications!

The program aims to facilitate the transition into university for first-year mathies. As a mentee, you will have access to a community of math students of all years and programs, including other first-years and upper-year mentors who are happy to give advice!

The program offers opportunities to be matched with one of our mentors for one-on-one peer mentorship, to participate in mentorship events, and to network with other math students.


To ensure the most up-to date information to volunteer with a club checkout their websites, visit their office or send them an email.